That Lady In Your Swing? She’s There For YOU

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That Lady In Your Swing? She’s There For YOU

Posted on 28 Feb, 2015 Posted by: admin  /   Category: Sex swings / Uncategorized   /   No Comments

She’s elegant. She’s beautiful. She’s acquired an incredible physical body. And she’s definitely concentrated on you. She’s going to light up your night and she’s going to make it the best you’ve ever had.

And it’s all because she’s sitting astride a quality sex swing, which gives you access to her like nothing you have ever experienced before.

Have you ever before imagined making a score like that? With a sex swing, you can go to heights you never dreamed possible. This is an incredible experience just waiting for you.  It’s like nothing you’ve ever had, no matter how much sex you’ve had, if you’ve never done the dance in a sex swing. It’s safe, it’s legal, and also it can really have an enduring effect on your lovemaking.

Swings cost money, sure, and you may not want to feel like you’re paying for useless accessories or, worse, paying for the option of someone’s company either indirectly or directly.  But a sex swing is infrastructure.  It’s an INVESTMENT.  And it’s the kind of investment that’s going to pay you many healthy returns.

Ladies are pretty straightforward animals. I understand that contradicts every little thing you’ve been told. You’ve possibly invested your entire life hearing that females are endlessly complex and that it’s impossible to comprehend them or exactly what they wish. But the truth is that people, both males and females, are quite straightforward. They all really want practically the very same factors and also they all follow very predictable standards in their actions. Ladies are no different than guys when it all comes down to that. It’s merely that we have the tendency to fail to remember, since society feeds us a rather constant stream of misinformation.

Women often want what they cannot have. They want other individuals to see them as having what those other individuals can’t have, also. It may seem childish or petty, yet this is a rather fundamental human condition and most of us share it.

A lady is more most likely to desire a man if she assumes someone ELSE desires him. If you desire to bring in ladies, if you wish to be viewed as the kind of man that is preferable to all females, you have to enhance your worth as a guy. To be a high-value guy is to be the kind of guy that females wish to be with, as well as other men want to be.  And one way you can enhance your worth, one way you can be a man of adventure, is to have the type of equipment that makes incredible, passionate lovemaking possible.  That’s a quality sex swing, right there.  Things like that can really help you rock your world.  You may be thinking it’s outside your comfort zone, and you’d probably be right.  But you can do it.  You can have sex like you’ve never had before, as long as you have a swing to do it in.

I’ve just had the most mind-blowing sex of my life, and because of that, the paragraphs I’ve written before this point may not make as much sense as I’d like.  Mind blown.  That’s what they call it, right?  This feeling, this all-over, incredible, numbed-from-the-waist down feeling can be yours, too.  You’ve just got to learn to get down the way a swing can enable you.

The advantage of the swing should be pretty obvious, but in case it’s not, let’s go through some of the details.  A swing puts you up in the air.  The purpose of the swing is not to let you go back and forth, though.  It’s really more of a suspension device than a swing as such.  What does that mean?  The single biggest obstacle to doing new things in bed, and to getting your rocks off in different ways, is the obstacle of the physical reality you’re dealing with.  In other words, gravity gets in the way.  Gravity can be a real bummer, and people try different ways to overcome it.

For example, having sex in water is one way you can be “lighter” and thus do different positions.  But having sex in the water can be a real problem.  It’s a good way to get a urinary tract infection, for example, and it’s not the most conducive environment to proper lubrication.  (I know, I know, that sounds kind of gross, but when you’re having sex, you want heat without friction.  That’s one of the reasons sex on the beach is such a bad idea.  The grit of sand that gets everywhere works against proper lubrication… and it gets stuck in your crack, which is really annoying.)

Some people try to overcome the problems of gravity by using wedge-shaped pillows.  You’ve seen these advertised in adult catalogs and in men’s magazines, if you look at that sort of thing.  The idea is to provide kind of a specialty-purpose piece of furniture that you can lean on in certain ways that gives you better access to your lover’s body.  This can work, I guess, but you’re still lying on the ground, no matter what you do.  That’s how gravity works.  When you lie there, there are large portions of you that are against the floor, and therefore inaccessible.  This means you can’t be as inventive as you might like when you’re doing things.

Well, a sex swing makes everything possible because it’s as close to being suspended in the air as you’re going to get.  This gets your body up off the ground  and puts every single part of you right where your partner can get at it.  You can’t believe how this can change what you’re doing until you experience it.  It’s absolutely amazing.  This is worth considering and you should look into the freedom that a sex swing can afford you.

What is life, after all, if you’re not exploring how you can enjoy it fully?  That is why you should try.  The freedom of a swing will blow your mind.




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