Swinging for Fun

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Swinging for Fun

Posted on 21 Sep, 2015 Posted by: admin  /   Category: Sex swings / Uncategorized   /   No Comments


We hope you guys are enjoying your swings. The feedback for our swings has been amazing and we have had people tell us it has even saved their marriage! Sex is integral part of any relationship. So you need to develop good bed skills. However, just like with any relationship things can get boring if you dont spice things up. A swing is the ultimate way to spice up things. What it can do is first create a heightened sense of awareness. What this does it get your blood boiling and excited for each other. Imaging one day going from boring bed sex to the next day walking in and seeing your partner hanging from the ceiling with her pussy and legs spread right open for you. That is just one reason to get a swing. Why else should you get a sex swing? Spice up your sex life. There are many anecdotal reports of relationships going from bad to great just with the purchase of a sex swing like we discussed earlier. You can do positions you can’t do with just regular sex. There are many examples of this which we would like to highlight. It will open the door for those less kinky couples to try different positions and may even open the back door if you get what we are saying. We call this move the women on top: this position old but this is the position that will get your girl the most out of your dick. The way your dick is angled it will hit her g-spot and be able to go in her deeper than many other positions. Not only that, it will put her in control and that is something most girls want but can seldom have. You strap yourself into the swing and grab your girl and have her mount up on your dick. Put your dick deep inside of her while swinging back and forth. What the swinging back and forth accomplishes is additional movements of your dick, deeper entrance into her pussy, and allows your hands to be freed up to grab her clit and tits while getting those extra swings. She will in turn be more excited because she will an adventurous turn on by the fact that she is swinging while sitting on your dick and she not strapped in.

As a male you can use the momentum of the sex swing to thrust deeper into your partner bring you and them some of the best orgasms you can ever experience. It allows sex to last longer because the momentum of the swing allows you to focus more on your sexual performance as you are able to preserve energy. Another favorite position is the guy gets strapped into the swing and the girl can then enjoy her thing. So with the guy not initially hard but with the girl getting on her knees in front of him she get sucks him off and the spin on this is that the swing is moving slowly so your dick is going in and out of her mouth with the help of the swing. Once you get hard your dick will be going deep down her throat and you can throat bang her until you cum. However, you can then transition with her climbing on top of you with the swing moving and she is facing you with her boobs and you can grab her back and swing back and forth together while she is riding you. Just because you are strapped in doesn’t mean you cant use your arms to touch her. Take your arms as she’s riding you and have her bring her tits against your chest. The more touching during sex the better the hormone release and the better the orgasm. You can then reach your arms around and grab her ass and smack it and finger her butt if thats something she’s into. So the key here is to spice things up and makes things exciting.

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