Door Jam Sex Sling


Door Jam Sex Sling

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Spice things up with this exciting Sex Sling! Whether you and your partner are looking to expand..

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Product Description

Spice things up with this exciting Sex Sling! Whether you and your partner are looking to expand your toy collection with something unique, or you are specifically looking for something to aid in sex positioning, this convenient sling is sure to satisfy. Small bars secure the straps over any door–just slip over and then close–and the strap locks allow you to quickly and easily adjust seat height. Position yourself in the padded seat and utilize the foot straps and hand grips for amazing leverage. Your partner can grab the seat to angle your hips for the ultimate penetration and g-spot stimulation! Since you can use this Sex Sling in any door jamb, it is also a great toy for travel!

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3 reviews for Door Jam Sex Sling

    4 out of 5


    I love the handles and the straps to hold me in which are very easy to do. We can change positions easily and get into the spots we can’t normally get to without the swing. The installation is super easy – just hook it up to the door jam in minutes, and my boyfriend can stand longer instead of holding all of my weight. Really makes sex go from great to amazing.

    5 out of 5


    My new Sex Sling from Swingeroos saved my relationship. There isnt anything I wouldnt do for my girlfriend it’s just sometimes we all get boring. I knew she was adventourous enough to try one and I was so thrilled to see her reaction when she opened it. We put it easily over the door jam and had her snugly strapped in in a few minutes. The fact that she was so comfortable and able to manipulate our movements by moving the sling around made both of us feel amazing. No more trying to hold her up and keep my mind off my back. Get ready to feel great new things.

    5 out of 5


    Awesome product! An inexpensive way to change everything about your boring sex life. My wife easily can install this model over any door and adjust all the straps and buckles herself in minutes. She loves the fact that she can control the action by using the handles herself. The sling allows for flowing, smooth motions, and new positions which I can please her. This is worth your time and money. Its also able to fold up small enough to fit in a gym bag for easy travel. Buy one!

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