Let us show you how to make your lovemaking much more fun! Our sex swings are essentially harnesses designed purely for your lovemaking pleasure. They allow for you or your partner to sit suspended above the ground with all your weight supported.

Why Should You Try a Swingeroos Sex Swing Today?
1. Better sex. Sex swings can greatly improve pleasure! You can indulge in some dominant and submissive role play as you can either be passively moved around while suspended or you can be the active partner with free access to move the other person around for your own pleasure.
2. Different angles. Sex swings help increase your mobility so you can try new and exciting angles while finding all those “sweet” spots on your partner, bringing about insane orgasms. 3. Other possibilities. Sex swings open your fantasies to a world of new pleasures and can make sex much more fun.

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4.67 out of 5

Fetish Fantasy Sex Swing

FANTASY SWING INSTRUCTIONS With the incredible Fantasy Swing you will be swinging….

$108.00 $150.00 Save 28%
4.33 out of 5

TLC Bondage Love Swing

Enjoy the added pleasures of this fully adjustable bouncing and spinning sex swing………..

$118.00 $130.00 Save 9%
4.67 out of 5

D’Luxe Entry Love Sling

Now you can take sex play to a new level, anytime, anywhere! This premium sex sling provides….

$46.00 $60.00 Save 23%
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