having fun and gaining confidence

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having fun and gaining confidence

Posted on 01 Nov, 2014 Posted by: admin  /   Category: Sex swings / Uncategorized   /   No Comments


Hello all our fans out there checking out our blog here at swingeroos. We hope you have enjoyed your swings, swinging, and swingers. Swingers and swings go hand and hand that is if you can find the right girl who is willing to swing or maybe this isn’t the right girl that you are looking. Regardless whether you are looking to be a swinger, our swings are the best in the business. They will bring your relationship to the next level. So I am sure you are getting the hang of the sex swings but I just like to summarize why they are so good. You need many years of exercise and good shape in order to try and perform different sex positions on the sex swing. That’s the whole point of the sex swing is that let it do the work for you and you preserve your energy to pound that mound. It is a great way for shy couples to explore a kinkier side and spice up your sex life. Older couples can especially find this useful because they are not as flexible and inherent in the swing are fixed positions of flexibility such as have your legs spread wide. This position is similar to the missionary where the girl lies down on her back and the back get in between but this man raps his leg around the girl’s legs in order to “trap” her in. So the swing has to be set up in front of the bed with the girl trapped in the swing and then in addition the guy is lying on the bed and has the ability to trap his girls legs with his. The most important point of trapping the leg in is that it gives the man the ability to leverage his strength and transitioning that power into a more strong thrust into you women. Don’t go very fast in the position because with this its all about the motion of the ocean and the strength. Don’t get sloppy be delicate with the extra strength you get from wrapping her leg but use that to provide extra thrust power and get in extra deep. Not only will you get extra deep the women will also trapped and like I said earlier the combination of an extra powerful thrust and feeling “trapped” will get your girl the best orgasm she ever had. In addition, you getting to thrust harder, deeper, and you gaining the sensation of overpowering your women will give you the best orgasm you have ever  had.  I call this position the win win because in the end you got a position that maximizes the sensation of the orgasm for both you and her. Well we hope you are enjoying your sex swings. Don’t be afraid to try new things and that’s what we are trying to get you to do. The sex swing is a safe way that will help you accomplish this and bring your sex life with your partner to the next level. It will open the door for those less kinky couples to try different positions and may even open the back door if you get what we are saying. It may make your significant other feel so kinky that they are willing to even try new things outside of the sex swing or with the sex swings and add things like machines with dildos, anal beeds,  whips, etc. ! let the kinkiness begin! Don’t be shy! Gain that confidence with our swings!

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