Get the Most Out of Your Sex Life!

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Get the Most Out of Your Sex Life!

Posted on 01 Jun, 2016 Posted by: Blogger  /   Category: Sex swings   /   No Comments

Are you looking to get the most out of your sex life? Sadly, for many couples, sex can become boring and repetitive. But there is a way out of that rut. Many couples find that varying their sexual positions and introducing elements of role play, domination, and other sexual games greatly enhances the pleasure they experience both in and out of the bedroom. But while you may be looking forward to having sex with your partner in a variety of new, exciting, and different ways, the simple problem of how to achieve new and different positions may be difficult.

The solution is a sex swing. Sex swings makes it possible to enjoy a variety of new positions and sexual styles by suspending one of the two partners while allowing the other partner to move freely.  There are endless variations to how you might choose to use your sex swing.  For example, one of the more common ways would be to have the female partner in the swing, while the male partner is free to move.  She then lies back in the swing with her legs suspended and held apart, while he stands between her legs and makes love to her.  This is just one example, though.  There are too many variations to name here.

Your swing can be hung from a specially built and free-standing frame, from attachment points in the ceiling, from a door frame, or through some other method, depending on the type of sex swing you buy. The two basic types of sex swing are the hammock-type and the seat type.  A hammock-style sling holds your partner on his or her back or stomach, while the seat-type sling holds your partner in a more upright or seated position.

Making love to a partner in a sex swing is one of the most easy, effortless ways to have sex. The swing allows for a remarkable amount of freedom of movement, not to mention permitting new and different sexual positions that simply would not be possible if they were done without the swing, because one or both partners would become much too tired. But there is another benefit to sex swings: They also help those who have physical problems have more fulfilling sex. We think this is one of the best reasons of all to purchase one of our sex swings, because we believe strongly that a healthy sex life is everyone’s right.  We would no more want to see someone refused the fun, intimacy, and the physical and emotional benefits of sex because of a physical infirmity than we would want to see someone denied these things because of the lack of a suitable partner.  We think using a sex swing to make your sex life more fun and more varied is a fantastic reason to use one of our products, but we also believe very strongly in helping those who might otherwise not be able to have sex.

Especially if you are using your sex swing to enhance your sex life for someone with limited mobility, of course, it’s very important that you follow all relevant safety guidelines. For example, do not mount your swing to any area of your home that cannot support the weight of a human being engaged in vigorous athletic activity.  For the most part, if use common sense, you will be okay. But you must also be careful when using your sex swing with your partner because you could actually build up speed and momentum while so doing. The momentum of someone moving through the air on a swing could be potentially a problem if you did not consider how fast they were moving when they made impact with you.  In other words, we’re trying to say politely that if you or your partner slam into each other’s genitals at high speed, it’s going to be uncomfortable at best and possibly injure one of you at worst.

When you use your sex swing, make sure to use any impact-absorbing equipment, such as springs for reducing inertia, that is supplied with your equipment.  Use restraint and judgment when engaging in sexual intercourse with someone who is suspended, or when you yourself are suspended in the swing, simply so that nobody gets hurt

Multiple mounting points to the ceiling or door frame are one way to make the mounting of the swing more safe.  This is simple physics.  If the swing must support, say, 180 pounds, if that swing is suspended from a single point on the ceiling, the weight on that mounting point is 180 pounds.  However, if you use two points of mounting, the weight on those two mounting points is only 90 pounds each.  And if you use four mounting points, you divide up that 180 pound weight to just 45 pounds on each mounting point.  This helps ensure a safer, healthier, more gratifying sexual exchange for all involved.

When engaging in sex with your partner while he or she is riding the sex swing, remember that the experience may be more intense for the person suspended in the swing.  Couples engaged in BDSM should keep in mind that there may be times that the person in the swing feels overwhelmed by the intensity of the experience.  This, of course, is one of the reasons that couples choose to use sex swings to enhance and vary their sex lives. Just remember, when engaging in sex with your swing, that the person in the swing cannot easily exit the swing without assistance.  This means that when a couple engages in non-suspended sex, either partner can disengage more or less at will by changing positions or just rolling over and leaving, but a person having sex in a swing is stuck in that swing unless his or her partner assists in extracting that partner.

A sex swing is the fastest way for you to get the most out of your sex life. It will enhance your life in ways you never even considered. It will also help you to have more pleasure, and give your partner more pleasure. That, in fact, is what life is all about.


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