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Swinging for Fun

admin Sep 21, 2015

We hope you guys are enjoying your swings. The feedback for our swings has been amazing and we have had people tell us it has even saved their marriage! Sex is integral part of any relationship. So you need to develop good bed skills. However, just like with any relationship things can get boring if […]

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What Do Women Think About Cheating? What Do YOU Think?

admin Mar 30, 2015

There is definitely a double standard when it comes to men, women, and fidelity in our society.  Some of this double standard is driven by stereotypes.  You know how those stereotypes go.  Men are all dogs and they are constantly on the prowl. They are always looking for some strange, no matter what, and they […]

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Wiener Drugs and Doctor Columns

admin Mar 15, 2015

I don’t know about you, but all the commercials I see on television for Viagra, and Cialis, and all those “male enhancement” pills make me wonder just how many women out there aren’t getting enough sex, or aren’t getting it regularly enough to suit them. And I also wonder if maybe our society isn’t awash […]

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That Lady In Your Swing? She’s There For YOU

admin Feb 28, 2015

She’s elegant. She’s beautiful. She’s acquired an incredible physical body. And she’s definitely concentrated on you. She’s going to light up your night and she’s going to make it the best you’ve ever had. And it’s all because she’s sitting astride a quality sex swing, which gives you access to her like nothing you have […]

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Desperate Housewives

admin Feb 01, 2015

I was paging through my sex swing catalog the other day, thinking about all the good times I wanted to have, and I stumbled on an old diary entry I wrote about the show “Desperate Housewives.” I thought I would share it.  Don’t take anything I say here too seriously.  Again, these are just one […]

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Swinging with the Swings, swings vs jewelery

admin Dec 10, 2014

We here at swingeroos love our swings and we think it is for anybody any occasion. However, I think the number one gift for your party, swingers, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or significant other is the swing. Imagine opening up boring jewelery yeah it looks like nice but what is life all about! its about […]

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reverse cow girl!

admin Nov 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!! I wanted to write a blog today to first let you know that we are thankful for your business. We have been getting a tremendous amount of positive feedback on our swings. As a company we are happy that many of you are enjoying your time with the swings and that we are […]

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having fun and gaining confidence

admin Nov 01, 2014

Hello all our fans out there checking out our blog here at swingeroos. We hope you have enjoyed your swings, swinging, and swingers. Swingers and swings go hand and hand that is if you can find the right girl who is willing to swing or maybe this isn’t the right girl that you are looking. […]

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sex positions

admin Oct 28, 2014

Heyyyy guys and gals! Sorry we have taken a little break from our blog hope you are still reading our latest and greatest. I was gone at our factory trying to develop our newest swings and boy will you be excited for whats to come . Sex positions that you couldn’t imagine would be possible! […]

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swinging on the swings

admin Oct 11, 2014

Whats up to all my swingers out there swinging on their swings with their woopdeedoo swings. HAHA. Hope you guys are enjoying our swings. Let me tell you the number of compliments we have been getting are outrageous. Like ive said before: “Don’t be afraid to try new things and that’s what we are trying […]

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