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When Swingeroos was established in 2013, it was, and still is, our intention to provide the public with the best sex swings for the ultimate love make experience. We completely understand that purchasing a sex swing is a highly personal choice but it is one guaranteed to add a lot of excitement to your sex life. We have vast experience in the sex industry and we know exactly what you are looking for. We’re also eager to help you find the best sex swing for your requirements and that’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of amazing products. Whether you’re looking for a swing to add to your current sex furniture collection or are a first timer when it comes to sex swings, we offer a selection of top quality swings to meet your needs and budget. Our website is easy to navigate and aims to provide as much information as possible to ensure you have an enjoyable online shopping experience with us.

What Makes Swingeroos Different?

The main thing that differentiates us is that we put our customers first. We want to ensure you have the best possible experience shopping with us and using our products. We go to lengths to listen to your feedback and make necessary adjustment to improve your experience with us. We know how important a sex life is and it’s our goal through our products to ensure you’re is happy and healthy.

Safety and Security is Our Number One Concern

One of the biggest elements of Swingeroos is our safety and security policy. We ensure our clients can search and shop with complete peace of mind knowing that the website is properly protected with SSL encryption, the highest possible level of Internet security. We also understand your right to be discreet and respect that 100%.

We’ve made payments simple and accept most major credit cards and also PayPal payments. We promise not to share any of your personal information with third parties and will continue to take every measure necessary to protect your privacy. We also ensure that your order arrives in a plain fashion so there will be no clue what it is or where it comes from until you open it.

Why Shop with Swingeroos?

There are a whole lot of reasons to shop with us! For starters, we are completely discreet when it comes to shipping and handling. We also offer highly competitive pricing for our sex swings and we boast the best customer service around. Our customer care agents strive to be as helpful as possible and will try to respond to queries and concerns within 24 hours.

We take the utmost pride in ensuring you are 100% satisfied with our swings but making sure we provide only the best quality materials at affordable rates with the fastest shipping and top quality service. Your privacy is our number one concern. We will not share your information with anyone. Ever!

Great Value

Being completely devoted to you, our customers, means we can offer you the best possible value – for money and for service. We are 100% certain you will be impressed with our products and that our prices will win you over. Whether a sex swing is something you are trying for the very first time or you’re wanting to upgrade on what you already have at home, we will help you make the right choice, every step of the way.

Swingeroos offers an amazing product that provides men and women a safe outlet for meeting their sexual needs, minus the hassle or judgment. We didn’t just decide to throw together a random online store, we’ve put a great deal of thought into the swings we stock and how we market them. We’ve put endless hours into industry research to ensure we can provide the very best experience and products to our customers.

Sex swings are not particularly new to the market, but they are rapidly gaining popularity as more and more people explore their sexual freedom with their partners and the incredible feeling of making love using a sex swing. Swingeroos made the decision to specialize in sex swings made only of the highest quality materials to offer you, our valued customers, only the very best experience to meet all your fantasies.

The Best Customer Service Around

We have found that many online sex retailers tend to lack in their customer service approach. But at Swingeroos we provide ourselves on offering the very best customer service in our industry. All of our customer care agents are 100% familiar with each and every one of our incredibly sex swings so they’re ready and able to answer any queries and address any concerns you may have.

We trust you will find our customer care team fast and responsive to your queries, no matter how obvious they might seem to you. We fully understand how you might like some guidance when choosing a sex swing or upgrading from the model you currently have and we’re happy to help you through your order.

The most common concern our customer care agents come across is customers wanting to know how to choose the right sex swing. It is not something that can really be answered in general terms as it will all depend on your preferences, but we can certainly help you by broaching a couple of specific questions. Based on the answers you provide, we will offer our recommendations, based on experience. We want you to be extremely pleased with your purchase, so we put you first.

Swingeroos is proud to offer a collection of superior sex swings that have been backed by a myriad of reviews and research from people just like you. Our customer service is seen as the best in the industry because we really do go to great lengths for every single one of our customers – new or returning. Please do take your time looking through our products on the website and learn all you can about them, and of course, us.

With our never-ending focus on top quality sex swings that have been designed to make your love life so much more exciting, along with our high standards and utmost discretion, we can assure you will be completely comfortable dealing with us. If you do have any concerns or queries, please don’t hesitate to pop us an email or even give one of our customer care agents a call. You can choose the best route of contact for you and the one you’re more comfortable with.

Swingeroos looks forward to bringing you tons of joy and excitement into your love life with our thrilling sex swings and we look forward to you coming back to upgrade your model when you’re ready to take things to the next level.

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